In the shadow of the European Soccer Championship 2016 the gouvernment wants to push pro-fracking legislation


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Translated from the original article from 22th of June, 2016:


Press Statement of the association of the citizens‘ groups for environmental protection (BBU):

BBU on the fracking agreement of the coalition: sham package instead of consequent fracking ban

(Bonn, Berlin, 22th of June, 2016)

The association of the citizens‘ groups for environmental protection (BBU) called the agreement of the Parliamentary Parties SPD and CDU/CSU on fracking a sham package. Fracking would no way be banned completely.

Fracking in certain geological formations, so called tight gas reservoirs, will be allowed at any depth. Even state-specific articles cannot prevent this. A final decision on fracking in shale formations is not being made, but is being delayed to the year of 2021. The BBU appeals to the members of parliament to reject the legislation package of the federal government on Friday and to stand up for a fracking ban without exceptions.

Oliver Kalusch of the managing board of the BBU explains: „The Coalition deceives the population. Like a dog and pony show they present the piece ‚good fracking – bad fracking‘. To do so, they use intangible terms like ‚conventional fracking‘ and ‚unconventional fracking‘. But the technology applied to stimulate different kinds of reservoirs remains the same and so do the damages to the environment, like groundwater contamination or earthquakes as well as health nuisances. The Goal of SPD and CDU/CSU is to clear the legal barriers for fracking projects in tight gas reservoirs. Prospection permits and operating plans should get the legal security they do not have at the moment.“

Oliver Kalusch explains further: „Also the promise of state-specific articles turn out to be deceptive on closer examination, because the approval of the federal states is only required for exploratory drilling. Advanced exclusion is only possible in areas, in which subsurface mining is or has been done. To rule out fracking in other formations, especially tight sandstone, on federal state level in the land-use plans without unpredictable legal risks, a new type of authorization would be required to be added to the federal mining act. Such an amendment has neither been submitted by the federal government, nor by the coalition. Therefore any attempt of ruling out fracking in the land-use plans becomes a legal gamble. When it comes to shale gas drilling, the agreement of the coalition does not bring legal security either. The scrutiny reservation up to the year 2021 only means: in the next five years gas companies will fully deplete their tight gas reservoirs, meanwhile raising the pressure continuously to get shale gas development authorized.

The BBU appeals to the members of parliament to opt out of this game at the expense of the population and stand up for a fracking ban without exceptions. The first necessary step to do that is the rejection of the pro-fracking bill of the federal government on Friday in the parliament.

End of translation.




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