#noDAPL – watching a democracy dying (EN)

I have been following a Debate on Twitter the last days, a debate that i did not know like that before, but it answered me some questions i was asking myself for a long time. Sadly, I dont like the answers very much..

I could now give a long explanation on why the oil industry of North Dakota desperately wants this North Dakota Access Pipeline, why they build it as I type with support of the  Army Corps of Engineers without consent of the Sioux tribe who live there, over the remains of their ancestors, that the UN has already complained about that, why Journalists get arrested, why militarized police is running around with machine guns, who invests, who benefits and who is in bed with each other. But I postpone that for now, because to what I want to say now it is of no relevance.

What comes across there is the Answer to the question that i have been asking myself for a long time: How will we move on, when our governments simply don’t act on climate change and the destruction of resources, especially drinking water, when the will of the majority is no longer represented and they cave in to the power of the industry. The answer is very simple. This will be the end of democracy, because in this situation there is only one way this can end, its the way of the corporations the way of ‚might is right‘. It will leave people helpless, will rob them of all means to change something about their own situation. It will expose and extradite them. It is the beginning of tyranny.

This Tyranny is not new, it has happened a thousand times, in the oil-colonies of this world from the rain forests of the Amazon over the Niger-Delta in Africa to the Deserts of the Middle East. And now it has come back home. This is only the logical consequence.

But we here are not yet helpless against this. Whenever reporters can still cover police brutality without being arrested, whenever we can still protest and speak our mind without being intimidated by the industries PR agents, whenever we can go to the polls on election day and really have a choice, whenever we can draw the line to stop it here and now – this is our destiny.

I will be thinking of Standing Rock, next time i protest or sign a petition or go to vote. I will be thinking of them and all the other people who never really had a choice. I will vote for them as good as i can. It will and must be a vote against the oil industry every single time. A vote against the oil industry is always a vote for Democracy. Maybe its the only thing i can really do.

In this spirit: stay strong, Standing Rock, the world is watching.




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